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  • Roller Coaster Physics Related Sites

    Extensive collection of presentations and resources for roller coaster enthusiasts. Provides a coaster photo gallery, amusement park reviews, a presentation on roller coaster history, news articles, and a calendar of upcoming coaster and park events.
  • Roller Coaster Physics Timeline

    Gives an interactive timeline from 1800 to the present on Roller coaster developments.
  • Roller coaster Physics Virginia Physics Teachers

    This section of the Physics Pavilion will discuss some of the principles involved in the design of a roller coaster. It is intended for the middle or high school teacher. Physics students may find the information helpful as well. Many of the concepts can be applied to topics other than roller coasters. Some sections will use the Roller Coaster Simulator, RCS.The included activities are hands on cookbook type.
  • Roller coaster Physics- An Internet Webquest

    Your job in this WebQuest is to find out how roller coasters work and use this information to build a simple model of a roller coaster. You will learn about roller coaster design, laws of motion, and about velocity and acceleration. You will design virtual roller coaster tracks and see what happens to the roller coaster when you change variables such as height of hills, length of track, mass of the coaster, and speed of the coaster. Then you will collect simple materials and build a model of a roller coaster track. Finally, you will test your track with a model roller coaster and report on your results
  • Roller Coaster Photos

    If you're studying physics, there are few more exhilarating classrooms than a roller coaster. Roller coasters are driven almost entirely by basic inertial, gravitational and centripetal forces, all manipulated in the service of a great ride. Amusement parks keep upping the ante, building faster and more complex roller coasters, but the fundamental principles at work remain the same.
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    These amusement park video clips are offered in both large and small sizes so that users on all types of connections can enjoy them, however we recommend downloading the large version if at all possible. All video clips are in windows media format and are offered as .zip files, so you'll need to unzip them before viewing.