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  • Essentials of Music

    Whether you're a casual listener or a serious music student, here's the site for basic information about classical music. Created in cooperation with W.W. Norton & Company, it's built around Essential Classics, the series specially designed to introduce you to the best music of every period. All through the site you'll find almost 200 excerpts from Essential Classics.
  • Gilbert and Sullivan Archive

    Welcome to the Gilbert and Sullivan Archive, which is devoted to the operas and other works of  W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, and to other light operas of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Archive, which was established in September 1993, includes a variety of G&S related items, including clip art, librettos, plot summaries, pictures of the original G&S stars, song scores, midi and mpeg audio files, and newsletter articles. New items are being added regularly.
  • Gilbert and Sullivan Discography

    Welcome to the Gilbert & Sullivan Discography on the World Wide Web, which has now passed its eighth birthday. This discography has been assembled to help G&S aficionados make sense of the wide array of audio and video recordings that are available.
  • Gilbert and Sullivan Works

    The purpose of this page is to discuss, study, analyze, and enjoy the works of the great English satirists William S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan.  This musical score team, among histories most successful, produced over a dozen successful comical operettas satirizing topics from duty to love to art and music to society to the core instutions of the Victorian government.
  • Melodic contours

  • Select different musical contours using the arrow buttons under each box.
  • You can hear the "shape" of each contour by clicking on the picture.
  • Press "play" to hear how you've shaped the music!
  • Music Composers Biographies

    This document does not attempt to be a final word on anything. It has always been in a state of flux, and I expect it will continue to be so for a while to come.
  • Music Composers biographies open directory 11,837 composers

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  • Music Composers Dr. Evenestrella Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers

    Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers is provided free of cost for your reference. The main focus of the dictionary is on composers of historical interest. To efficiently direct you to information on more contemporary composers, thetimeline contains links to lists of the major composition award winners of recent decades.
  • Music composers search engine- sponsored by Harvard

    These sites contain information/links to many composers. If you are looking for a quick reference to a specific composer, check out the categories listed below (Baroque, Classical, etc.)
  • Music Teacher Resources

    Valuable resources for music educators and students of all areas and educational levels. Regularly updated.
    For over ten years, the most visited and valued music education resource website available internationally.
  • Music-Introduction to reading music

    Some people think trying to read music is hard and difficult. The following set of pages will try to introduce the most important topics in reading music in a very easy to understand way. Don't expect to fly through all the lessons and understand. As with anything new, it'll appear complicated and complex but as you look at the examples and read the explanations it will make sense. With that said, lets go on and introduce the first lesson.
  • MusicWeb International

    "Classical Music Reviews & Resources ... Musicweb International was founded by Dr Len Mullenger in 1995, as a website for the William Alwyn Society, and hosted on the servers of the University of Coventry. From these humble beginnings, it has developed, purely on a volunteer basis, into the largest non-commercial classical music resource on the web."- from the website.

  • One Stop Music Page- Shambles

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  • Ricci Adams Music

    Welcome to Ricci Adams' To begin your journey into the realm of music, please select a lesson, trainer, or utility from the lists below:
  • Singing Tips

    Free "A2Z" Singing Tips
    Yvonne DeBandi | Teri Danz

    Free Singing Tips & Articles from Top Vocal Coaches 

    Ava Landman | Brett Manning | Carole Lynne 

    Chrys Page | Yvonne DeBandi|Jeannie Deva

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  • Vocal Techniques

    If you listen to a vocal line, you will see how rare it is to hear a "monotone" or one note singer. When you speak, your voice lifts and drops, increases and decreases in volume, this is referred to as 'LIGHT & SHADE' or 'EXPRESSION' and is the key to making an average song into a highly listenable one. So how do you achieve the same effect in your vocal performance? 

    The answer is to learn about how sounds and shapes are created then integrate this with natural feeling and emotion. Part of a singing teachers job is to provide the student with exercises and techniques plus identify tensions to aid the singer in exploring their own potential and singing in a healthy manner.