• National Writing Project

    Teachers and others will enjoy this website from the National Writing Project, as it is replete with strategies for getting young people excited about writing. The materials are divided largely into the sections Art/Craft, Teach/Learn, Provocations, and Community. The Teach/Learn area contains meditations on "What are we learning about how people develop as digital writers?" and "What does that mean for us as teachers?" This particular section contains collection "clusters" on themes such as participatory media, popular culture and addressing copyright and fair use in the classroom. Additionally, visitors can look through the Project's excellent blogs, which address dozens of topics related to teaching in an increasingly digital environment.
  • Project for Excellence in Journalism: Journalism Tools

    The Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism has garnered significant accolades in recent years and their professional toolbox is well-heralded. This particular component of their site brings together thematically organized tools for a range of partners, including citizens, print journalists, online journalists, journalism teachers, and journalism students. The resources here include helpful tools, blogs, apps, news sources, teaching guides, and other materials culled from a range of experts. Visitors can also search through these materials at their leisure or sign up to receive updates about new additions as well.