Food Resources

  • Cooking Light

    Cooking Light Magazine online.

  • Cooking with Kids

    Let your kids help you in the kitchen with these great recipes just for kids. Many of these recipes include step-by-step instructions for your children to follow including useful information about kids using microwaves.
  • Culinary institute of America

    Welcome to The Culinary Institute of America, the world's premier culinary college. Whether you're visiting our New York or California campuses for the first time or you're returning for your tenth visit, the CIA offers a memorable experience via our restaurants, retail stores, and public tours.

    During your visit, discover what the CIA is all about. See how everything we do supports our mission of providing the world's best culinary education.

  • Epicurious world's Greatest recipes

    Recipes and food-related articles, some original to the site, some from Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines.
  • Five Best Recipe Search Tools

    It's been a long time since you had to ask your kitchen-accomplished relatives to hand down great recipes or spend hours sifting through books looking for gems. Here's a look at five of the best tools for finding great recipes online.

  • Food Allergies Recipe Key

    Have Food Allergies? Automatically filter recipes, based upon your allergies.

  • Food and Nutrition Information Center

    The Food and Nutrition Information Center (FNIC) at the National Agricultural Library (NAL) has been a leader in food and human nutrition information dissemination since 1971.

    FNIC's web site provides a directory to credible, accurate, and practical resources for consumers, nutrition and health professionals, educators and government personnel. Visitors can find printable format educational materials, government reports, research papers and more.

    FNIC nutrition information specialists review all site content to ensure top quality resources.

  • Food in Every Country

    Recipes, culture, geography, customs, etc. listed by country.

  • Food Marketing institute

    FMI Mission Statement:

    As the representative of one of the largest single business categories in the world, the Food Marketing Institute will:

    • Provide its Retailer and Wholesaler members with a forum to work effectively with government, suppliers, employees, customers and their communities.
    • Promote the principles of Free Enterprise to ensure a vigorous, competitive, economically healthy food industry.
    • Program its efforts and energies in five primary areas: 1) Research; 2) Education; 3) Public Information; 4) Government Relations; and 5) Industry Relations.

    By pursuing these activities, the Food Marketing Institute will provide leadership and support for the role of the grocery retailer and wholesaler as purchasing agent for our consumers.

    FMI Backgrounder - Detailed information on the purpose and functioning of the Food Marketing Institute by department.

    Employment Opportunities - Listing of current positions available at FMI as well as FMI hiring objectives.

    Location - FMI headquarters

  • Food Museum

    Founders Tom Hughes and Meredith Sayles Hughes, offers an online museum devoted to extending knowledge of the enormous variety of the world's foods. Gentle Subscribers will discover a rich smorgasbord of food related themes and topics.


  • Food Network

    Healthy Habits Start Early
    Teaching kids healthy eating habits is important for their growth and relationship with food later on in life. Establish a routine for your kids with regular meal and snack times. Get your kids involved in meal preparation so they learn to enjoy the process as well as the reward.
  • FoodSafety.Gov

    Gateway to Government food Safety information and website links.
  • Knowledge @ Wharton High School

  • Science of cooking

    Discover how a pinch of curiosity can improve your cooking! Explore recipes, activities, and Webcasts that will enhance yourunderstanding of the science behind food and cooking.

  • Spice Encyclopedia

    McCormick Spices resource website for people who love to cook.