Fashion Merchandising

  • The Artful Line

    This site is a companion to an exhibit of drawings and prints from the Special Collections of the Gladys Marcus Library at theFashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Features a description of the exhibit and selected images of items on subjects such as illustrated books and periodicals, patterns, designer archives, and fashion illustration.

  • The Bata Shoe Museum

    This Toronto museum "celebrates the style and function of footwear" from ancient times to the present. The site features brief illustrated essays on footwear with sections on North American Indians, the circumpolar region, and the rest of the world; a history of Western shoe fashions; and footwear of famous people. Also includes information about exhibits, a history of the museum, and fun facts about shoes.

  • Bissonnette on Costume: A Visual Dictionary of Fashion

    This site invites you to "enter the world of fashion and witness the change in silhouettes, accessories, lingerie and hairstyles from the 18th to the 20th century." It features annotated photographs of fashions, with an emphasis on female dress from Europe and the United States. Also includes information about male and children's fashions, and costumes of India, Greece, Japan, Turkey, China, and central Asia. Browsable. From a curator at the Kent State University Museum.

  • Chic Is Where You Find It

    An overview of the life and work of Bonnie Cashin (1908-2000), "one of the foremost American fashion designers in the second half of the twentieth century. ... [She] grew up in a string of California cities, particularly fascinated by the jostling of Asian and South American cultures." Includes photographs and other images of clothing designed by Cashin. From the University of California, Los Angeles, Charles E. Young Library Department of Special Collections.
  • Clothing from Various Eras

    This IPL pathfinder is designed to help find resources in clothing history and costume history from different regions around the world by using both Internet and print resources. The primary focus of this pathfinder is Western fashion, but there are links to information on non-European clothing.

  • Costume Page

    A directory of thousands of costume and costuming-related links, for the benefit of those who make and/or study costumes. It includes sites for costumers, students, historical re-enactors, science fiction fans, dancers, theatrical costumers, and those interested in fashion, textile art, and costume history. Maintained by a hobbyist.

  • Fashion-Era

    Over one hundred "content rich, illustrated pages of Fashion History, Costume, Clothing, Textiles and Social History." Searchable, and browsable by major category, such as body adornment, royal fashion, undergarments, Victorian fashion, image and wardrobe planning, fashion design tutorials and tips, and more. From a fashion and textiles instructor.

  • Fashion history 1920-Present

  • fashion net: The Online Fashion Guide

    A collection of links related to fashion and the fashion industry. Topics include designers, shopping, fashion magazines, and art. Also contains tips on getting a job in the fashion industry, and job listings. Searchable.

  • Fashion Plate Collection

    This collection includes 417 fashion plates from 1806-1914 from some of the leading fashion journals of the times." Stylistic periods include Empire (1806-1813), Georgian (1806-1836), Regency (1811-1820), Romantic (1825-1850), Victorian (1837-1859), Late Victorian (1860-1900), and Edwardian (1901-1915). Searchable and browsable. "More information about this collection" offers a concise history of these fashion eras. From the University of Washington Libraries.

  • The Historic Costume & Textiles Collection at The Ohio State University

    This site highlights items from this fashion collection, which includes "a range of historic textiles from the 15th century to 20th century furnishing fabrics ... [and] garments and accessories from the mid-18th century to contemporary 21st century designers." Features selected images from the collection and from exhibits such as "A Century of Style: 100 Years of 4-HFashion." Includes related links.

  • "Power Dressing": Designers for the 1970s/1980s Career Woman

    This online exhibit traces the development of the fashions for women executives and career women in the 1970s, 1980s, and early 1990s as designed by famous fashion designers. Includes brief background about designers and images of designs from designers such as Geoffrey Beene, Oscar de la Renta, James Galanos, and Yves Saint Laurent. From the Mississippi State University School of Human Science

  • Home Sewing Association

    Information for the sewing enthusiast and educator from the organization representing the home sewing industry. Includes sewing tips and techniques, fashion trends, holiday ideas, home decorating sugestions, free instructions for projects for both adults and children, sewing guidelines, and more.

  • Solemates: The Century in Shoes

    "Here's a look at 100 years of changing footwear fashions -- a snazzy feat of multimedia. Select a decade and enjoy images of beautiful shoes, browse old advertisements, or explore vintage film and video clips."

  • Texas Fashion Collection (TFC)

    The TFC "consists of approximately 14,000 garments and accessories created by leading designers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries." Records about items in the collection are searchable by keyword, designer, type of garment, date, and other criteria. The site also includes images of selected garments and designs, images from exhibitions, teaching materials, and related resources. From the University of North Texas.

  • Textiles & Apparel: Cornell Costume Collection

    Website of the Department of Textiles and Apparel at Cornell University, "which includes more than 9,000 items of apparel dating from the eighteenth century to the present, as well as a substantial collection of ethnographic textiles and costume." Contains a gallery of selected items, and a catalog of the collection (note: "for full functionality ... [the catalog] must be viewed in Internet Explorer"). 

  • Year by Year

    This site describes historic events of the 20th and 21st centuries by year and by decade. Brief decade quizzes are included. Includes timelines featuring special topics such as world history, fashion, and Iraq. Searchable.