• Copyright School Center from YouTube

    YouTube just launched a new copyright center and a new Copyright School video. It is intended to educate YouTube users what is and is not a copyright violation. According to the new policy announcement, if you have a video flagged for copyright violations you will be required to attend Copyright School before being able to upload content again. Copyright School is a video explaining copyright accompanied and includes series of questions you must answer.
  • Copyright-Friendly Toolkit

    A true digital citizen understands how to ethically use the works of others to build his or her own creative products—music, art, video, stories, presentations--and share them with the world.


    Just as you’d want others to respect your originality, others expect the same of you when it comes to reusing and remixing their intellectual property. As you create and publish media yourself, please be conscious of how you use the work of others.

    Here are some guidelines, categories, and tools to consider that will help you as you create, contribute to, and enrich our shared culture!