Local Scholarship Program: Class of 2017

Graduating Class of 2017,

The RHS Counseling Department is coordinating a local scholarship program. Many thanks to the community organizations, businesses, and parents who have generously sponsored this important effort.

Please be sure to read all directions for each award criteria.  Deadlines can be different for individual scholarships.  

Step 1:  Receive a scholarship number from Mrs. Lubbers in the Counseling Department.  Your scholarship number is to assist in confidentiality and to create a professional, objective process.  You will use this number on all of your forms and essays.

Step 2: Read and review Local Scholarship Booklet 2017  The booklet lists all scholarships that are offered, a description, criteria, and deadline information. 

Step 3:  Print the Local Scholarship Common Application 2017  This application needs to be printed and completed. The Local Scholarship Common Application needs to be submitted to the Counseling Department by 2:05pm on Wednesday, April 5, 2017.   The Local Common Application is only submitted to the RHS Counseling Department. 

We hope you take advantage of this terrific opportunity! 

We wish you all the best!