World Language Honor Society

World Language Honor Society

Advisor: Ms. Francolino
WL Honor Society Application link:  _here__  (from your rvilleschools e-mail)
Make a copy of it, fill it out save it,
and send electronically to Ms. Francolino by 2:05 on 2/21
New members only! 
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2017 Induction Ceremony:  Tuesday, April 4th, at 7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium.



Mission:  The World Language Honor Societies (French, Italian, Chinese, and Spanish) recognize excellence in the study of a World Language and commitment to the study of the language and its culture.  These organizations emphasize community service and leadership. The students are honored through the establishment of nationally recognized academic honor society chapters in our school.
What are the societies?


Each language has a specific honor society.  The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica honors students of Spanish, Societé Honoraire de Francais honors students of French, Società Onoraria Italica of the American Association of Teachers of Italian honors students of Italian and Chinese Language Association for Secondary Schools (C.L.A.S.S.) honors students of Chinese.


 The societies recognize the commitment and academic achievement of high school students enrolled in upper-level world language classes.


 Schools apply for chapter membership and establish academic requirements.
Websites for World Language Honor Societies


 ( Spanish ) AATSP -


( French) AATF -


( Italian )AATI -


( Chinese )CLASS -


What are the fees associated?

Students inducted the first year will receive certificates, and second year students will receive pins. 


The Spanish Honor Society has a fee of $5 per inductee, which must be paid by the student upon acceptance of his/her invitation to be a member.

Benefits to membership for students

-      Academic award recognition


-Promotes sense of character


-Promotes ties to the community and other global locations


Availability to purchase WL Honor Cord senior year for Graduation


-      Access to various grant and scholarship information


-      Possible access to travel and study opportunities


-      Possible participation in the National Exams for the language



For the Spring  2017 induction, junior students in the following level World Language (WL) courses will be eligible for membership.

 Italian III – V

French III – V/AP

Chinese III – IV

Spanish IV – V/AP

Applications will be made available in late January via this webpage and must be returned electronically by the given due date.


The student will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of the application.  The WL Faculty members will review and verify the applications of their own students (Mrs. Baldwin will review the French applications, Mrs. Falanga for Spanish, Mrs. Kanagawa for Chinese, and Ms. Francolino for Italian.  

Also necessary

 -      Maintain at least a 90% average mid-year in the WL course, at the end of first and second semester junior year, and on-going senior year.

-      Be in good standing from the RHS Academic Integrity Policy for the world language class.

-    Student must remain enrolled in the next level class of that same world language.

-  Candidates should demonstrate respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, and a caring attitude for others.

-Candidates will be required to participate in a WL-related service project and attend monthly meetings during senior year.  You will be removed from WLHS after missing any two monthly meetings. 


All members of a World Language Honor Society are evaluated regularly to ensure that they continue to meet the grade and service criteria outlined above.  Failure to maintain the specified grade and service requirements will result in dismissal from the World Language Honor Society and the student’s name will be deleted from the list of Chapter Members at the National level.  The student will then be unable to include his/her membership in the World Language Honor Society on his/her college application, and will not be eligible to purchase a WL Honor Cord for Graduation .


Initiation Ceremonies

   There is one formal induction ceremony that honors all World Language Honor Society inductees on the same night, usually in May.


 Invitations are mailed to the home address on record, usually one month prior to the ceremony.

Students are notified by their World Language Teacher that they have earned a spot as an inductee. 

Spanish candidates will notified in class and also via letter mailed to the address on file with the school. It will contain information about deadlines for accepting the invitation to be a member and dues.


Awards/Graduation Honor Cords


Honor cords are purchased through your World Language teacher or the World Language Honor Society Coordinator.  Purchasing information is sent home with the Induction Ceremony invitation, and available in each World Language classroom.

Only seniors who are currently enrolled in the world language and meet the induction criteria may purchase honor cords.


Inducted students who complete the highest level of the world language prior to senior year will be eligible to purchase an honor cord in his/her senior year if the participation guidelines for community service and meetings are completed in or possibly prior to senior year. The world language teacher will keep a list of these eligible students.


 *updated for the 2016-2017 academic year